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The first step to healthier living isn't just getting more sleep—it’s getting better sleep. So forget about gadgets and apps that just measure how long you’ve slept. It’s time to get real, FDA-cleared* objective data about how well you’re sleeping.

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"Sufficient sleep is not a luxury—it's a necessity—and should be thought of as a 'vital sign' of good health."

CDC, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention**

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A healthier way of life starts tonight. Get a measure of your sleep quality with SleepImage®, and then use your data to see how slightly modifying your behavior can open a world of better, healthier sleep. Say hello to understanding your sleep quality—and goodnight to guessing what you can do to sleep better.

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Objectively measure sleep quality with a clinically proven method that enables you to effectively identify the potential for health issues and to maximize treatment benefits.

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