Cardiopulmonary Coupling (CPC) is an FDA-cleared* technology to accurately and objectively measure sleep quality.

“I use SleepImage regularly in my practice and offer it to my patients. I believe it’s essential for people living with chronic medical conditions and people living with cancer to assess the quality of their sleep, as it can give insights and provide options to improve other aspects of their health and quality of life.”

Dr. David R Visco, MD, FCCP
Director, Sleep Medicine
Eastern Regional Medical Center,
Cancer Treatment Centers of America



SleepImage® opens a window into your patients' overall health and wellness by looking at how their sleep quality changes over time.




How SleepImage works for you:


      • Screen and identify major health risks associated with poor sleep.


      • Personalize therapy plans by tracking your patients’ sleep quality over time.


    • Understand how prescription medication affects your patients’ sleep.



    Get an in-depth look at the science of CPC behind SleepImage.



How SleepImage works for your patients:


    • Proactively address health issues before they become costly health problems.


    • Experiment with lifestyle changes to improve sleep quality.


  • Lead a healthier and happier life.


Empower your patients with more information about sleep quality.





Explore our science.

What makes SleepImage so effective at accurately measuring objective sleep quality?

During healthy, stable sleep, high vagal tone modulating a healthy heart results in characteristic heart rate variability, where the heart rate slows down and speeds up in synchrony with regular respiration. This is normal rhythm and is associated with stable NREM sleep.

When there is a sleep disruption (from stress, pain, and a variety of other factors), the normal rhythm is disrupted and is associated with unstable NREM sleep.

CPC presents these regular rhythms and disruptions as an "image of sleep".





Clinically proven.

SleepImage technology has been validated in
numerous Clinical Publications.